Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lab49 - have you looked at Esper?

Lab49 folks have been quite verbose in the Complex Event Processing (CEP) arena for financial services. They basically ended up partnering with pretty much anyone and almost every single month, skip to another CEP vendor to partner with.
Nice but certainly tough to build up and scale up product expertise especially given there is no much standard in the CEP arena so far - but that definitely gives them a nice view on each products.

To complete their 360° they should definitely look at Esper and EsperTech offering, including also NEsper as they seem to be quite involved in .Net as well. They probably know where to reach out for that, and will certainly hear about it anyway as the number of deployments of (N)Esper in financial services is growing nicely.

Few history on Lab49 ' somewhat fuzzy logic about partners:
- February 2008 - Aleri and Lab49 Partner on Tool to Visualize Market Liquidity
- January 2008 - BEA-Intel-Lab49 Whitepaper on CEP in Capital Markets (you can also find a more recent much vendor influenced podcast)
- November 2007 - Real-Time Trading and Industry Networking Event with Lab49 at StreamBase
- June 2007 - Coral8 and Lab49 Partner to Provide Algorithmic Trading Framework on the Microsoft Software Platform

Now you know what partner means. We are all partners to make the point that CEP brings business value, and Lab49 does it well in financial services I think.