Monday, October 20, 2003

AspectWerkz online mode and JSR 163

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Since end of july the JSR 163 draft is in public review. I did not had time to read it before (shame on me !) and Jonas has send me the link yesterday.
(read the draft)

I am pretty happy with it. As you might know, we have struggled hard in AspectWerkz to provide a way to weave class at load time and keep compliant with complex class loader hierarchies as J2EE ones.
If JMangler was good for first AspectWerkz releases (prior to 0.8), having our own architecture was a major step forward (and read recent post on JMangler lists that state problems under J2EE environment where it is reported to freeze - as I reported it in Q2 2003).

On july 30 I complained about JVMPI API and was kidding at Sun, since they had forgetted some information I needed in the API.
(old article)

I forgot to subscribe to JSPA to gain access to JSR for early reviewing. I should have (shame on me!)
This JSR 163 sounds really good.
- First I will have the information I need in the class load hook event.
- Second, there seems to have support for in process hotswapping
- Last and not least, there seems to have no requirements for -Xdebug for the hotswapping part.

So adopt AspectWerkz online architecture today and you will have a preview of what this JSR 163 is going to provide in a simpler way for java 1.5. I have already a todo list for AspectWerkz online architecture when this java 1.5 will be ready for prime time.

And don't forget: subscribe to JSPA. I have sent the agreement to SUN this sunday !