Tuesday, February 17, 2004

It's life

(imported from http://blogs.codehaus.org/people/avasseur, read comments there)

Most of my blog' fans (do I have blog fans ?) might think I am hacking AOP constructs and weaving architecture all the day.

Well I have to admit that this is not exactly true, thought almost true ;-).

These days I had to hack a small app that gather data from a WebLogic Server farm (more than 60 servers) by querying runtime JMX mbean so that we can then generate some graph to feed a NOC intranet.
Rather simple to play with JMX, have a fault tolerant client that does not crash when one instance is downed, and be able to handle at least 10 Go log daily.

For now the logs are parsed and consolidated as regular file. I would have liked to use a MySQL or HSQL database instead of parsing Go of files... but well, it is a customer driven story.

Here is a pretty cool graph that I got using JFreeChart that shows some http session data history grabbed from a subset of the farm.
Fun ?

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