Tuesday, July 20, 2004

AspectWerkz in WebLogic - domain wizard

(imported from http://blogs.codehaus.org/people/avasseur, read comments there)

I have sketeched a BEA WebLogic domain wizard, so that it is now possible to install a WebLogic server with AspectWerkz AOP in a minute.

AspectWerkz AOP WebLogic domain wizard

- WebLogic 8.1 SP2 (8.1 whatever should work).
- Use of JRockit is mandatory for now (included in WebLogic 8.1 or other version if you want).

How to:
- Download the jar (7 Mo, includes the whole AspectWerkz 1.0beta1 distribution with some extra fix).
- Drop the jar file in your BEA_HOME/weblogic81/common/templates/domains.
- Start the BEA Configuration Wizard from the start menu.
- Select the AspectWerkz node and the "WebLogic WorkShop domain".
- Select JRockit
(for other screens, refer to the usual BEA installation documentation)

- It is a WebLogic WorkShop domain wizard. You can probably adapt it for WebLogic Server only, or WebLogic Integration and WebLogic Portal
- Use of JRockit is mandatory, although it is possible with some minimal change to adapt the generated "startWebLogic" script for Sun HotSpot VM (I would do it with the AspectWerkz Plug utility and -Xbootclasspath option - refer to the documentation).
- If you are not using 8.1 SP2, you might need to adapt the "startWebLogic" script to set your JAVA_HOME to the correct JRockit version.

Extra bonus:
- There is draft version of a WebLogic AOP console extension included, that allows you to browse the META-INF/aop.xml definitions accross the class loader hierarchy of your deployed applications.
Just start the weblogic admin console as usual and the extension will appear on the left navigation pane.