Wednesday, December 22, 2004

YAPB AOP released

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I am pleased to announce the first release of YAPB AOP.

For those who don't like this April Fool like YAPB AOP, please read this post on The Server Side - read
Note: YAPBAOP is a real project with real source code and runnable demo !

YAPB AOP is Yet Another Proxy Based AOP for Java.
It is
- proxy-based (AspectWerkz proxy)
- pure java, no language extensions, no external tools needed
- simple and intuitive
- direct, programmatic configuration and un-configuration
- j2ee friendly, no need to mess with class loading
- supports AOP Alliance API for MethodInterception
- JDK 1.5.0 annotations support to match on annotation
- per instance programmatic interception
- full speed

Sample code
here is how YAPB AOP use is simple:

// no aspect
System.out.println(" ( no aspect )");
YapbaopDemo me0 = new YapbaopDemo();

System.out.println(" ( bind a new aspect )");
Yapbaop.Handle handle = Yapbaop.bindAspect(DemoAspect.class, "* yapbaop.demo.YapbaopDemo.*(..)");
YapbaopDemo me1 = (YapbaopDemo) Proxy.newInstance(YapbaopDemo.class);


// get a new one but not using the proxy cache then..
System.out.println(" ( unbind it and get a new proxy YapbaopDemo-2)");
YapbaopDemo me2 = (YapbaopDemo) Proxy.newInstance(YapbaopDemo.class, false, false/*not advisable*/);
me1.method();// still has advice
me2.method();// no advice

Extra features
It was very boring to do and does not bring any value to the table, so please, stop inventing (is is the right word ?) YAPB AOP clones based on your favorite bytecode library / proxy library.

It took 40min to hack (time for a train trip, YAPB AOP are that easy today).

If you want to do something usefull, write an email to your favorite AOP framework representative (AspectJ, AspectWerkz, JBoss AOP, Spring AOP, dynAOP, joyAOP [RIP ?], jeetAOP [RIP ?], YAPB AOP [RIP]) and wonder how to
- write some usefull reusable aspect
- write some good article
- provide a new feature, a performance improvement, a bug report or fix
- go an apply to speak about it to the next conference you can find
- imagine new things !

Download Now !
- Get it there (3 Mo jar since YAPBAOP is actually 1 class of 200 lines messed with a lot of dependancies so that you think it is a killing framework)
- Run the demo with:

java -cp yapbaop- yapbaop.demo.YapbaopDemo

Access the source code
The framework - here
The demo to play with - here
The AOP alliance aspect for the demo - here

Write your own !
Ever wanted to be an Open Source star [*] ? Write your own. Enroll now !
[*] A wrong assumption seems to be that to be an Open Source star, ones have to write at least one YABP AOP. If you only contribute to the next big thing, you ll never be a star, so you 'd better start your own YA RIP framework instead of working with others - that's what mankind is about according to this wrong assumption.

Here are some ideas :
- change the Yapbaop.bindAspect to support binding to a java.lang.reflect.Method
- do the same with an array of java.lang.reflect.Method
- do the same with 1+ Method Annotation(s)
- add some filtering based on 1+ Class Annotation(s)

If you have read till there
Thanks to read this post.
If you dig YAPB AOP architecture, you will find that it is based on
- AspectWerkz proxy
- AspectWerkz extensible AOP container to support AOP Alliance aspect
- AspectWerkz runtime as regards binding of aspects
Quite interesting actuallly isn'it ?