Wednesday, February 23, 2005

BEA joins Eclipse

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That's an exciting time for BEA.

We now have announced we are joining Eclipse with a number of interesting things in the pipe, ranging from AOP with the AspectWerkz/AspectJ effort leading to AspectJ 5, to the IDE part that will shape up BEA WorkShop, and leading positions in the Web Tools Platform, and in the JDT compiler area.

Things were a bit odd when we shipped an AspectWerkz Eclispe plugin some month ago, since everyone out there was thinking that there was a death match between BEA WorkShop and Eclipse... Didn't you thought that way ?

And don't say we have started to sneak in randomly just to catch up. Things are now ranging from the JVM with AOP work going on within JRockit up to the IDE...

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