Tuesday, July 5, 2005

@AspectJ in AJDT - a world premiere !

(imported from http://blogs.codehaus.org/people/avasseur, read comments there)

I am happy to announce that the @AspectJ support within Eclipse AJDT will appear in the next build snapshots, ie very soon !

That is an important step that brings to the AspectWerkz and AspectJ merger all its meaning, by providing a plain Java syntax (based on annotations) to write AspectJ aspects (aka @AspectJ) while still providing excellent support for it in Eclipse AJDT plugin - just as it exists for the well know AspectJ style (code style).

In the list of things to already expect, that will officially ship as of AspectJ 1.5 M3 in the following days:

  • error checking for pointcuts (even though those looks like strings within an annotation)

  • warnings when @AspectJ annotations are misused (f.e. used in a class that is not annotated with an @Aspect annotation etc)

  • advised by view

  • advises view and cross-reference view

  • and off course AJC integration (ie weaving happens behind the scene as compilation is done)

As a world premiere, here is a snapshot of an @AspectJ aspect in AJDT !

@AspectJ in AJDT

For those of you using AspectWerkz, you may wish to give it a try very soon, as it is already much better that the Eclipse plugin I had written for AspectWerkz, and as it will help you to get started with the @AspectJ syntax in your favorite IDE.

Start your download engines to get the next build snapshots and the upcoming AspectJ 1.5 M3 with your fresh Eclipse 3.1 final !

(Many thanks to Andrew and Mik for answering my questions to get that bits working)