Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Esper at JavaOne, on Event Driven Application Server and XTP

I am pleased to be back at this year JavaOne 2007 as a speaker on "Event-Driven Application Servers". I'll showcase ESP/CEP technology to the Java community and industry, San Francisco, on Friday May 11th, 12:10.

The session that I co-lead with Tom, Esper and EsperTech founder, will introduce the audience with Event Driven Architectures (EDA), Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). We will showcase the why, what and how on event-driven application servers, going from simple integration over JEE platforms to tailored off-the-shelf leading edge solutions playing in the eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) field.

This has implication in various areas such as investment banking, RFID, monitoring, compliance management and many more (up to this good old SOA...).

If you attend the event or are in the bay area and want to meet up, ping me or leave me a comment!

The session id is TS-1911 and if you happen to attend JavaOne this year you can already add it to your session schedule or click below to connect with me for the event.

Join Me at the 2007 JavaOne Conference Event Connect Tool!

I hope to see you there and see a whole bunch of long time friends there.

JavaOne 2007

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