Sunday, August 12, 2007

Coral8 and IBM - how does it compares to Esper (Tech) and BEA agreement?

Tim has commented about the Coral8 announcement in his blog.
Beehind the announcement, the fact that Coral8 and IBM have an agreement in place in the Event Processing arena, is not really comparable to what exists between Esper(Tech) and BEA for the WebLogic Event Server (I had blogged about it here).

The fundamental differences are:
- IBM WebSphere RFID includes an adapter to the Coral8 Event Processing engine. It is not an OEM agreement such as between EsperTech and BEA.
- The agreement is limited to one product in one vertical marke - while the EsperTech and BEA agreement is not tied to any vertical market in particular.
- It's unclear what does "Coral8 provides a free deployment license to all IBM WebSphere RFID customer" means ... you likely need to consider support, size of target deployment platform, pre-production environnement etc. Where free ends?

This said, congrats to Coral8 team for that. The Event Processing market has much to win from alliances like that one that help brings Event Processing to mainstream.
In the meantime I am wondering how hard would it be to have an Esper adapter for IBM WebSphere RFID ;-)


Anonymous said...

Have you investigated Esper Tech's royalty structure? IBM may be one of the few that can afford to integrate with it. It would be far more pervasive if it didn't cost so much.

Alex said...

Hi "anonymous". Yes I did checked that, EsperTech 'Esper GPL software does have a royalty structure that enables redistribution in OEM situation. I don't think it is that expensive and I 'd be curious to know to what you compared that exactly. Let's just wait EsperTech to announce a few SMB-sized ISV customers building affordable solutions on top of EsperTech event processing technology.
By the way, shall you find it expensive, turn your business to a GPL open source business and the royaly will just be = 0...

I'd be pleased to hear what would be your ballpark figure - ping me at avasseur on google mail, and don't hesitate to comment on your main features and requirements as the value you give it likely depends on your perception of how much it would cost yourself to build and QA and maintain the features you'd need.