Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CEP and JDBC/ODBC for ad-hoc queries on real-time data

Sounds like EsperJDBC and Aleri JDBC/ODBC capabilities have found some echo. Coral8 just announced interoperability with ODBC with its 5.6 minor release - 3 months after EsperJDBC introduction.
The Coral8 documentation states that Coral8 now can expose public windows (equivalent of Esper named windows) over ODBC and not just only with a proprietary SDK.

If you want to explore this concept with Esper - this slide deck is a must read:
View more presentations from espertech. (tags: esper cep)

A demo also demonstrates how you can perform ad-hoc queries on your CEP real-time data and computations using any JDBC compliant tool - namely Actuate / Eclipse BIRT and create dashboards in minutes.

(Note: EsperJDBC is not open source and only available in EsperTech' commercial offering although you can access free trials)

(Note: Post updated as per Jeff comment on Aleri)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble on Esper innovation, but the Aleri CEP engine has had a JDBC (and ODBC) query interface since 2006.

Alex said...

Thanks for the note Jeff, I have updated my post accordingly.