Wednesday, June 22, 2005

JavaOne 2005 - AOP, distributed Java, and more

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I thought it would be interesting to post what kind of session and BOF I am planning to attend during JavaOne 2005 next week.

There are indeed interesting trends going on, and needless to say I don't really want to hear that the EJB (3) XML deployment descriptors are back or that kind of things. Instead, AOP, Annotations and distributed architectures will get my interest.

  • BOF-9888, Chasing 9s: Modeling and Measuring Availability of J2EE™ Applications (Sun, monday 7h30 PM)

  • TS-7659, Runtime Aspects With JVM™ Support (BEA JRockit off course, Tuesday 11h AM - don't miss it ! and meet us at the BEA and Eclipse booth)

  • TS-7695, The Spring Framework: Introduction to Lightweight J2EE™ Architecture (Interface21, Tuesday 11h AM)

  • TS-7212, Clustering, Consistency, and Caching: An Implementor's View of JSR 107 [JCache] (BEA, Tuesday 01h30 PM)

  • TS-7159, Java™ Platform Clustering: Present and Future (Sun, Tuesday 2h45 PM) (don't miss it, it is a sneak from Sun research labs, about transparent clustering)

  • BOF-9385, Apt Usage of APT: When and How to Use the Annotation Processing Tool (Chariot Solutions, Tuesday 7h30 PM) (I know they will give a quote to AspectJ)

  • BOF-9161, Exploring Annotation-Based Programming Through the APT and Mirror APIs (BEA/Sun, Tuesday 9h30 PM) (ha ! Annotations that drove AspectWerkz for a while)

  • BOF-9441, Practical Application of Aspects in Everyday Development (ALTERthought, Tuesday 10h30 PM) (AOP from the users - an evidence of adoption phases as regards AOP)

  • TS-5471, Jini™ and JavaSpaces™ Technologies on Wall Street (JPMorgan, GigaSpaces,others, Wednesday 11h AM)

  • TS-7429, Speculative Locking: Breaking the Scale Barrier (Azul, Wednesday 4h PM)

  • TS-7410, Network Attached Processing: Tapping 384-Way SMP, 256GB Java™ Technology Compute Bricks (Azul, Thursday 1h15 PM)

  • TS-7339, Data Grids for J2EE™ Platform Cluster Deployments (GemStone, Thursday 3h45 PM)

See you there !