Tuesday, June 7, 2005

JRockit AOP and AspectJ 5 and JavaOne 2005

(imported from http://blogs.codehaus.org/people/avasseur, read comments there)

JavaOne 2005 will be a good opportunity for you to have an update on the
AOP field. Last year we presented AspectWerkz plain Java AOP and its
J2EE integration facilities. This year, several sessions will include
AOP related sections and give testimony of interesting use cases, and
as Jonas recently announce we will for the first time present
the JRockit JVM support for AOP.

Make sure you attend this technical session on Tuesday June 28 (TS-7659, "Runtime Aspects With JVM Support") and have a
sight at what's next in the AOP galaxy. If you can't make it, visit us
at the BEA booth where we will be eager to show you the JRockit JVM
AOP support thru live demos.

You can also visit us at the Eclipse booth where we will show latest
AspectJ 5 and AJDT versions. This includes plain Java AOP and
load-time weaving ala AspectWerkz that I have been working on for some
month since we merged with AspectJ, and many new things regarding Java
5 support in AspectJ 5 (annotation matching, generics etc)

Meet you there !