Monday, October 13, 2008

Complex Event Processing with Esper making its way to Java community

There has been some nice coverage around Esper and Complex Event Processing (CEP) in the Java community recently:
  • Complex Event Processing with Esper, on DZone and published by OCI Inc.' Paul Jensen. A nice introductory article that covers the basics of Esper 2.x.
  • Open Source SOA upcoming book at Manning, due for availability in March 2009 by Jeff Davis - see interview on DZone. The book will cover CEP with Esper, alongside ESB, SCA, BRMS, and BPM all with open source solutions.
"Jeff: Complex Event Processing is a somewhat emerging technology, at least in the open source space. With CEP, real-time business events are sent to the engine, which can then use correlation and pattern matching rules to determine whether any anomalies are occurring within your enterprise. The real-time analytical engine is what differentiates CEP from other more traditional BI vendors, which tend to evaluate events after-the-fact. CEP is very exciting, and can be used for anything from compliance, monitoring service levels, to real-time trending."
It's great to see that after the core Esper team - including myself - spent time doing some evangelization for the last 2 years with articles all around on OReilly, The Server Side, InfoQ and Java One, it is now being taken to the next level thru autonomic contributions. That is one of the great outcome of making things available under an open source model.

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