Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Esper - course on DSMS at University of Oslo

The University of Oslo, Norway, is running for 2008 some courses on Data Stream Management Systems (DSMS) - some of it based on Esper.
DSMS was the term coined by academic work as opposition to DBMS (database) in the "early days" before the more marketed Complex Event Processing CEP acronym was introduced. CEP is now more widely used by vendors, press and analysts as productization and real world deployment is taking place.

Some course materials are available online, and it is worth the read because it recaps on the key concepts, fit for purpose, and mechanics of DSMS/CEP engines such as TelegraphCQ, Stream, Borealis and Esper.

There are also 2 project assignments that plan to leverage Esper - which is an excellent illustration of how open source can be leveraged in the academic world.
  • Extending a DSMS benchmark
  • Online analysis of medical sensor data with the Esper Event Stream Processing System
There is obviously great confidence that the Esper project will not be closed down anytime soon for monetization purpose - unlike what happened with other such DSMS projects (if not all...). The direction around Esper and enterprise open source is already crystal clear and that's definitely a win-win for both academics, community, and enterprise practitioners.


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