Monday, September 7, 2009

Esper - what and why in Complex Event Processing

I have been generating this definition out of the word cloud image generated from Esper documentation:
An engine to query streams of events using select statements over time windows and pattern expressions.
(by streams of events you need to think continuous queries vs traditional store and later query

Esper is actually much more capable - especially in the just released Esper 3.2, that for example brings support for a subset of nascent not finalized ANSI SQL standard match_recognize.
The Esper 3.2 documentation has a nice summary on how match_recognize compares to Esper well established select from patttern[ ... ] and followed-by EPL language features.

It is also great to see EsperTech on the Forrester Wave Complex Event Processing Platforms, Q3 2009: "Forrester evaluated nine complex event processing (CEP) platforms using 114 criteria (...). EsperTech, the only open source option, is also a Strong Performer."


Anonymous said...

I am new to CEP and need to get up to speed fast. Any advice?

Alex said...

If you want to get up to speed and have reasonable Java knowledge - Esper is a good candidate.
Few links to get started with basics:
Esper tutorial
Esper quickstart
Esper basic howto