Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving on ... to the Cloud

As wrapped up yesterday, I have left BEA now Oracle after 6+ great years there.
I am joining VMware to help adoption of VMware Platform-as-a-Service product line - especially across EMEA.
I'll be part of the SpringSource division, acquired by VMware back August 2009 for 400+M$.

This is a fantastic time to join the team - and I am glad that I can build upon ALL what I have been working on those past years - both technical and sales side - as well as learn and drive a massive amount of new things.
Here is the way I see it:
VMware is at the forefront of fundamental yet evolutionary shifts in the way we build, run and manage enterprise applications and deal with computing resources and services.

I'll hopefully be able to write more on that journey in the next few posts.


Alexis MP said...

Good luck on this new challenge!

Antonio Goncalves said...

Good luck and tell them to add a bit more Java EE into their stack ;o)

Alex said...

Thanks Antonio - mind advising what part of JEE exactly you'd like to see?

Ashwin Jayaprakash said...

Good luck! It'll be interesting to see you + Gemstone and of course Spring.